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8th GFEST – Gaywise FESTival ® 2015 – BOOK

London’s eclectic cross art festival showcases films, art and performance work by LGBTQI artists, an annual event in November. GFEST 2015 dates: Monday the 9th November to Saturday the 21st November 2015. GFEST 2015 theme is ‘(Complacent Present..) ..Fragile Future?’

     GFEST 2015 Event List 


     GFEST 2015 Films

GFEST2015web3small     GFEST 2015 Performances 
GFEST2015web1small     GFEST 2015 Visual Art

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    GFEST 2015 debates

GFEST2015coverweb4      GFEST on YouTube

Organised by arts charity Wise Thoughts, GFEST is a platform for LGBTQI artists, organisations and venues to promote LGBT and Queer arts.

GFEST 2015 programme advisors: Anna McNay, Gulliver Ralston, Michael Petry, Simon Tarrant, Subodh Rathod, Tom Barrie and Lois Keidan. Artistic director: Niranjan Kamatkar.

Be part of GFEST 2015 as an online / office / event volunteer.

Download GFEST 2015 brochure / GFEST 2015 logo / GFEST 2015 Programme Announced

GFEST 2015 programme show reel: